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“师徒”一词来自希腊语,意思是坚定或持久,被定义为一种持续的关系, often in a career–oriented setting, 一个有经验和值得信任的人给另一个没有经验的人提供建议.

Through continued involvement, the mentor offers support, guidance, and assistance as the protégé (or mentee) faces new professional challenges, goes through a difficult experience, or works to remedy existing problems.

Within the legal profession this means a voluntary, mutually beneficial relationship of professional growth, career development, and personal fulfillment, which benefits other people beyond the direct relationship. "Other people" includes clients, the judicial system, the legal community, law partners, family members, and the community as a whole.

Introduction to Mentoring

The D.C. 澳门赌场官网执业管理咨询服务旨在鼓励经验丰富和经验不足的澳门赌场官网之间建立专业指导关系,以促进有价值的信息和对法律实践的见解的传递.

While legal theory and application can be learned during law school, many aspects of the legal profession must be learned in the workplace, whether in private practice, government service, or corporate practice. 鼓励导师分享经验,并就专业等话题向资历较低的同事提供建议, law practice management,and professional development, thereby becoming a trusted counselor, advisor, and teacher. From this personal relationship, marked by trust and confidentiality, the less experienced lawyers, or "proteges", can learn what is truly expected of them by lawyers, partners, judges, and experienced opponents in the adversary system.

在专业环境中有两种类型的指导项目——自然的和有计划的. 有计划的指导发生在结构化的环境或项目中,自愿参与者通过正式的申请流程进行筛选和匹配. In contrast, 自然的指导是通过友谊和同事关系产生的——更多的是一个自我选择的过程.

The PMSC created a pilot "planned mentoring" program several years ago, but the results strongly indicated Bar members preferred a natural approach to mentoring. Therefore, rather than attempt to play matchmaker, PMSC设计了这个网页,以帮助澳门赌场官网建立自己的充实的导师关系.

Benefits of a Mentoring Relationship

For the Mentor

  • Shaping the future of the practice of law
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Giving back to the profession
  • Reviewing your own strengths and weaknesses
  • Learning from your protégé

For the Protégé

  • Having a person to turn to with a substantive, procedure, or ethics question
  • Learning about the business of practicing law
  • Increased productivity and performance
  • Enhanced reputation and professionalism
  • Objective feedback on skills
  • Increased career satisfaction

Tips on Finding a Mentor

In the past, mentors usually chose proteges to help them climb the corporate ladder. Today, proteges tend to be more independent, 寻找一个或几个导师,他们相信他们可以成功地匹配他们的未来. In turn, 导师也会从导师的洞察力和理解中受益——更多的是一种互惠的指导经验.

Mismatches often make the best matches. 传统智慧曾经认为,你和你的导师应该有很多共同之处,才能建立一段成功的关系. However, 在新的指导世界中,新出现的想法是有一个具有不同技能和背景的导师来提供一个令人耳目一新的和具有挑战性的学习经验,而不是确认你现有的知识.

Know what you want to accomplish in a mentoring relationship–career growth, lawyering skills, balancing work and life, enhanced professionalism, starting a practice, etc. 评估你能为师徒关系做出的贡献——你能为导师提供什么. 明确为什么有人愿意指导你——为什么他们应该花时间投资你的未来. 在你培养关系的过程中,在适当的时候与你未来的导师分享这些.

You may need several mentors throughout your legal career. Different lawyers have different knowledge and skills, just as you have differing needs over the course of your professional development. You may have several mentors at one time to help you with different aspects of practice, or you may have one primary mentor, with others who assist you on a less frequent basis.

Seek a person who is not in a supervisory relationship with you. Seek someone with whom you can have an open and honest dialogue without hesitation.

Do not be afraid to ask another lawyer to be your mentor. If you feel more comfortable, ask them to be a mentor for just one aspect of your practice, such as trial skills or client development.

Locating a Mentor

你可能已经有了一个你偶尔联系的人来回答关于案件程序或你的实践的问题. Consider asking that person to be your mentor.

Mentors are most often found through networking. Participate in professional activities to meet lawyers who may be willing to mentor. For D.C. Bar–sponsored activities, visit the online events calendar.

Spend some time in court to observe other lawyers. If you observe a lawyer exhibit skills or demeanor that you admire, contact the lawyer. Send a note or letter. Invite the lawyer to a business lunch (your treat) to discuss commonalities. If the first meeting works, ask to schedule another.

Scan, LinkedIn, Martindale–Hubbell, or, other social media, 在线澳门赌场官网列表可以找到澳门赌场官网的履历信息,这些澳门赌场官网可能具有你想在导师身上找到的经验和特点. See if they have information on a personal or law firm web page. D.C. Bar members should consider joining the D.C. Bar’s Group on LinkedIn.

Join a voluntary bar association to find lawyers with similar interests or backgrounds.

Place an ad in your law school alumni newsletter. 你不需要说出你的名字,但要包括你在导师身上寻找的一些特征. Give only workplace contact information.

Traditional mentoring is one-on-one, but today small groups are often better able to meet the needs of lawyers. Consider forming a small group with one or two senior lawyers, several mid-career lawyers, and several lawyers in practice less than five years.

Suggested Protocols

  • The first few meetings should be initiated by the protegé, and scheduled as far in advance as possible to avoid conflicts. 导师和学徒应该制定自己的协议,重新安排不可避免地推迟的会议.
  • Trust is the foundation of every successful mentoring relationship. As with any personal relationship, it takes time to build trust. 信任是通过公开和诚实地分享困难、成功和生活经历建立起来的. 通过尊重这种信任并对共享信息保密,师徒关系得以延续.
  • Come to the meetings prepared. 被徒弟应该在会议前花时间考虑他或她可能向导师提出的问题. The mentor may also prepare for topics to be discussed.
  • Set realistic goals to accomplish. What do you hope to achieve or learn? Track progress at each meeting.
  • Stay in touch between meetings using the telephone and email.
  • 受保护人应避免向导师透露受保护人客户的任何保密义务或秘密, as set forth in Rule 1.6 of the D.C. Rules of Professional Conduct. 导师与原2013.2013.10就原2013.10在法律实践中遇到的实质性法律问题进行的任何讨论必须始终以假设为基础, to the extent those discussions relate to confidential client information under Rule 1.6.

Topics of Discussion

导师和学员之间的讨论可能集中在与法律职业和法律实践有关的一般问题上, such as:

  • Effective attorney/client communications
  • Professionalism and legal ethics
  • Law office management
  • Practice and career enhancement
  • Balancing careers with family and personal lives
  • Law practice transitions and alternatives

The discussions may address substantive legal problems, subject to the ethical obligations discussed in Suggested Protocol area above. Also, 双方当事人都必须认识到,导师不得向被保护人的客户提供法律建议, 并且,在与导师进行任何讨论的基础上,在准备的基础上做出关于代表客户的所有决定是被保护人的职业责任.

Possible Activities to Build the Mentoring Relationship

  • Attend a Supreme Court argument
  • Have lunch on a monthly basis
  • Attend a CLE program
  • Design and present a CLE program together
  • Attend D.C. Bar functions, such as the annual dinner or golf tournament
  • Tour the courthouse
  • Invite one other lawyer to join you for breakfast to introduce to your mentor or protégé

What to Expect

  • That it takes time to build a relationship of trust and respect; give the relationship a chance to form over the course of several or more meetings.
  • Communicate early to try to understand expectations of both mentor and protégé.
  • 辅导不是用来代替继续法律教育的,也不是为新澳门赌场官网提供找工作的机会或客户推荐, but to foster the highest ideals of the profession.
  • 如果指导对导师或项目主管都没有价值,那就主动讨论一下. Better to resolve the matter and end the relationship on a positive basis. Don’t be afraid to try another mentor.
  • Don’t expect the mentor to have all the answers. Mentors guide from experience and share that wisdom with the protégé. Guidance to an answer rather than giving the answer is far more beneficial.


The D.C. 澳门赌场官网事务所的法律道德顾问可以帮助所有项目的参与者解决有关通信保密和避免在指导关系中可能出现的利益冲突的问题.

For further information about mentoring, 请致电202-780-2762或202-780-2764与执业管理谘询服务联络,并考虑参加 Basic Training 如果你有兴趣了解更多关于独立或小型澳门赌场官网事务所的运作方式以及与其他澳门赌场官网的联系.

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